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Titan Limited

Tian Shang Ye Co., Ltd. has been rooted in Hong Kong for more than 20 years. We are a local brand in Hong Kong, providing high-quality household products and kitchenware to Hong Kong public families. In order to cater to the unique living environment of Hong Kong, Tianshangye's main products are all developed, designed and produced in-house. We have two factories in Dongguan and Zhuhai, and other partner factories all over China. In addition, Tianshangye has introduced a variety of products from Japan, the United States and Europe. Tian Shangye’s flagship products include Titan Wok, bamboo cutting boards and drying racks. Today, the Titan Wok has developed to the fourteenth generation. With the patented technology of wok surface treatment, we firmly believe that the Titan Wok is unique and irreplaceable in the Hong Kong market. In addition to the Titan Wok, Tian Shangye owns more than 100 product patents.


Shop G33-35, G/F, Phase 1, Amoy Plaza

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11:00 - 20:30 (Mon - Sun)




Titan Wok

Titan Wok