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Fortress was founded in 1975. At the beginning, it was just a small place selling small electrical appliances in the Hongkong Electric Power Payment Center in Fortress Hill, so that customers can shop at the same time when paying. At that time, many bad practices of selling electrical appliances appeared in the market, and Fortress insisted on providing high-quality products. The customers were well-recognized and confidence was established. Later, it became the Fortress brand independently. Fortress is currently one of the retail businesses of the Watsons Group, with more than 70 branches in Hong Kong and Macau and more than 1,000 employees. For more than 40 years of dedicated service, Fortress has established a reliable reputation for leading the market in the retail business of electronic products and household appliances. Fortress has always been adhering to the original belief, insisting on providing high-quality products, and then actively exploring more exciting and more intimate shopping experiences to provide customers with diversified products and extended services. Move forward with the courage to pioneer and practice the belief of thinking. Fortress always puts the customer first, everything starts from the heart. As an industry leader, Fortress fully develops the O+O retail model and implements a seamless online and offline shopping experience. Throughout the shopping journey from pre-sale to after-sales service, we will understand customers carefully, and strive to provide comprehensive solutions for new technologies to take care of your smart life needs. Fortress dares to change, continuously improves service quality, and builds a better life with you.


Shop S54-56, 2/F, Phase 1, Amoy Plaza

Opening hours

11:30 - 20:30 (Mon - Sun)



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