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Vita Green

Vita Green Group is a company that produces and markets health supplements and medical devices in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Established 23 years ago, founded by two medical doctors. Vita Green is already a household name in Hong Kong and parts of Europe. Vita Green is dedicated to bring health, youth and joy to all. To accomplish this, Vita Green has developed modern nutraceuticals of high quality, safety and reliability that enable modern urban residents to improve their health. Vita Green specializes in extracting health treasures based on the essence of herbs and traditional Chinese medicine, and manufacture them to the highest Western pharmaceutical standards with the help of sophisticated modern technology. In addition, Vita Green also offers a series of premium vitamins and western health supplements imported from the U.S., the “Doctor’s Choice” vitamin series. This diversified product mix not only caters to needs of consumers of different genders and ages to create a healthy and perfect life for you and your family, but also helps prevent illnesses, bestowing you the power to grasp in your hands, your health and that of your loved ones.


Shop G112, G/F, Phase 1, Amoy Plaza

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10:00 - 21:00 (Mon - Sun)




Vita Green Lingzhi

Vita Green Lingzhi

Vita Yin Yang

Vita Yin Yang

Doctor's Choice

Doctor's Choice

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