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CO:NFECT, launched in May 2022, is a unique dessert collection store that brings together various dessert brands. Its founding concept is to bridge the gap between online and physical stores, enabling small businesses to establish their own brands and customers to conveniently purchase ready-made products. The primary goal is to promote the culture of handmade desserts and offer an alternative to chain cake shops. CO:NFECT follows a central operation model, which significantly lowers the barriers and resource requirements for opening a small store. Store owners can focus on their expertise in dessert making while leaving store operations to the CO:NFECT team. This shared resource approach not only allows owners to reduce costs but also provides them with the opportunity to concentrate on their craft.


Kiosk 9. 2/F, Grand Plaza

Opening hours

12:00pm – 9:00pm


Step 1:
Follow “香港hello 恒隆商场奖赏计划” Official Account to receive upcoming membership program updates.

Step 2:
Screen capture the QR code on the page, and import within the WeChat app scanner.

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