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Yakiniku Guu
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Yakiniku Guu

Over 120 various water-mouthing dishes including the rarest saga Wagyu beef from outside of Japan (value at HK$20,000) to enhance your taste buds. Freshest chicken, pork, seafood, and crisp vegetables perfectly matching with dozens of Japanese and Korean fusion sauces that one could hardly bear to put it down. No matter grilling or cooking is all under your favourite way to make you as the “Grill Master”. Taste every sauce on the menu? Eager to refill more? Absolutely! Please scan the QR code on your receipt and our servers will make your dreams come true. Executive Chef of Guu Yakiniku, Yip Kam Lung has tried numerous experimental favoured dishes aimed at crafting a delicious sparkle presenting the international diversified flavours, and bring you an adventurous journey with the crispy, fresh, juicy with multiple levels of seasoning Korean fried chicken or flavourful Bibimbap.


Shop 116, 1/F, Grand Plaza

Opening hours

11:30 - 22:00



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