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Master Beef

Master Beef's hot pot is led by Taiwanese chef who specializes in Taiwan's signature soup base and flavored ingredients. Made to perfection in true Taiwan flavor, customers can savour the best of local Taiwan. Based on Taiwanese traditional recipes, the nine kinds of Master Beef’s signature soup bases are refined in a modern and innovative way. All the special soup bases are made from all-natural ingredients, such that guests can rest assured that they could "try the taste of the soup first, then enjoy the hot pot". With most ingredients and drinks being directly delivered from Taiwan, you can enjoy the most authentic taste of Taiwan. Master Beef uses high-quality traditional copper pots, which are fast in heat conduction, enhancing flavors of the ingredients to the next level of satisfaction. We have sourced the most signature Taiwanese foods, all the way from Tainan to Taipei. Hot pot ingredients, drinks and seasonings imported directly from Taiwan make you feel like being in Taiwan right now!


Shop A&B, B/F, Hollywood Plaza

Opening hours

12:00 - 22:00 (Mon - Sun)




Master Beef Roasted Bone Soup

Master Beef Roasted Bone Soup

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