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Yucca De Lac
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Yucca De Lac

Yucca De Lac was founded in 1963. It was a high-end restaurant in the 1960s. It was famous for its signature deep fried marinated pigeon and traditional sauteed flat rice noodle with premium beef. Now the classics are reproduced on the Victoria Peak in Hong Kong, with 60 years of traditional recipes plus modern cooking techniques, delicious food and wine. Enjoy the 180-degree view of Victoria Harbor from the top of the mountain. During the day, you can enjoy the view of the vibrant Victoria Harbor, and at night, you can witness the romantic and intoxicating view of Hong Kong's Pearl of the Orient.


Shop 201C, Go@PeakGalleria, 2/F, Peak Galleria (inside Go@PeakGalleria)

Opening hours

11:00 - 21:00 (Mon - Sun)



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