Fashion Walk

Fashion Walk

Exclusive launch of "Scented Niche x Rasei Fort Silk Lantern" (limited to 300 pieces) defines a captivating festive atmosphere with oriental olfactory and joyous elements


Shop 28, G/F, 11-19 Great George Street, Fashion Walk


02 February 2024 - 30 April 2024




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Worldwide exclusive: Only 300 pieces of the "Scented Niche x Rasei Fort Silk Lantern" available. Delicately crafted with red silk, capturing the essence of flame and timeless tradition. This limited edition represents health, wealth, and prosperity, illuminating the path to an abundant life. The fragrance features the captivating allure of Osmanthus, complemented by classic notes of musk, beeswax, and amber. Taif rose adds a touch of elegance, while a woody, resin base provides a balanced foundation, creating a sophisticated aroma befitting one of the world's most iconic symbols. The fragrance is beautifully presented in a Burgundy leather box adorned with a lantern and cloud pattern, featuring the Scented Niche logo and a beige suede lining. Each box is uniquely numbered, making it a collectible piece.

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