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Shop 201 2/F, Peak Galleria, The peak


01 May 2024 - 30 June 2024




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A red planet with a history of five thousand years. Because of its rich resources and numerous cultural treasures, it was coveted by multiple alien races in the galaxy. The apostles used different methods to illegally enter, steal and plunder, and eventually an earth-shattering space war broke out between the two sides. ! According to historical records, in the last century war, eight different alien races joined forces and entered the Red Planet to launch a massive invasion. After many years of battles, the Red Planet successfully defended its homeland, but countless precious treasures were plundered from it. Cultural relics, etc….. A group of red planet patriots have led the establishment of Treasure Hunter, gathering galactic heroes without borders to defend justice and take back the treasure hunt of the lost alien planet.

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