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Rejuvenate Your Summer with Starbucks' All-New Beverage Lineup


Shop F3 & F5, 1/F, 11 - 19 Great George Street, Fashion Walk / Shop B01, B/F, Gala Place / Shop F24-F25, 1/F, Kornhill Plaza North / Shop 203, L2, Peak Galleria






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The Malty Delight Chocolate Latte is an indulgent treat that will transport you to a serene mountainous vista. Experience the dreamy combination of chocolate malt powder, milk, and crunchy nuts, topped with peaks of whipped cream and a leaf-shaped chocolate. Delight in the nutty, sandy goodness of this earthy beverage. Looking for a refreshing drink? Dive into the summer season with the Malty Delight Chocolate Frappuccino®. Indulge in the harmonious blend of chocolate malt, coffee, milk, and a twist of crunchy ground nuts. Don't forget to try the Paradise Island Guava Cream Frappuccino®! This delightful beverage combines bright swirls of guava mango sauce with vanilla cream and mango jelly for a punchy, fruity finish. It will leave you reminiscing about summer-kissed skies. Sip into paradise this summer with the All-New Beverages at Starbucks!

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