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01 June 2024 - 30 June 2024



From June 1 - 30, hello members upon designated accumulative electronic spending at participating F&B merchants at Kornhill Plaza and successfully register in the Hang Lung Malls App / hello WeChat Mini Program can receive exciting rewards ! Reward 1 Upon designated accumulative electronic spending of HK$1,600 can receive 1 pc of HK$50 AEON Coupon or 2 pcs of HK$25 Starbucks e-Coupons . Reward 2 Upon designated accumulative electronic spending of HK$2,800 or above can receive extra 1 pc of GRAND KORNHILL CINEMA 2D Gift Voucher. - Terms & Conditions apply. - All available AEON Coupons will be awarded before Starbucks e-Coupons are awarded. Members do not have the right to select AEON Coupons or Starbucks e-Coupons. - Each Member is entitled to receive a maximum of one (1) HK$50 AEON Coupon or two (2) HK$25 Starbucks e-Coupons and one (1) GRAND KORNHILL CINEMA 2D Gift Voucher from the Event. - Quotas apply and are available on a first-come, first-served basis while stocks last.

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Follow “香港hello 恒隆商场奖赏计划” Official Account to receive upcoming membership program updates.

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Screen capture the QR code on the page, and import within the WeChat app scanner.

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