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HAPLE Handbag Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987, it mainly sold leather products in Hong Kong. Until today, leather products of world-class brands across Europe have been sold in our branches; HERMES, CHANEL, LV, YSL, GUCCI, PRADA, MIU MIU, TORY BURCH, COACH, LONGCHAMP, KAZOO, etc. HAPLE handbags has been engaged in the retail of leather goods for 30 years. It understands the needs of customers. Therefore, it keeps searching for the most fashionable and unique products, so that customers can get the latest and most fashionable information in the shortest time in Hong Kong. The types of products we provided are no longer limited to handbags and wallets. You can found clothing accessories such as belts, earrings, bracelets, neck scarves, etc in the store. The diversification of product and the concentration of international famous brands have become the symbol of HAPLE. HAPLE has always been selling authentic products, not second-hand products. At present, it is a high-quality merchant of the Hong Kong Tourism Board and a merchant of genuine products of the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Office. HAPLE arranges mysterious customers from time to time. And provide on-the-job training to ensure that the frontline staff have a good service attitude, understand the needs of customers, and create happy shopping at HAPLE.


Shop G112, G/F, Phase 1, Amoy Plaza

Opening hours

11:00 - 20:00 (Mon - Sun)



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