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Jin Ya Ju Noodle Bar
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Jin Ya Ju Noodle Bar

Even today, when global cuisine is hot, noodles can stand alone in this highly competitive market, and it can always evoke appetite and arouse people's feelings. As the famous brand of Shanghai, Jin Ya Ju is mainly engaged in Taiwanese-style noodles, which is the best of the hundred families. It combines the taste of the world, allowing you to eat ingredients from all over the world in the popular cuisine and subvert the taste buds opposite you. Experience! Although Jin Ya Ju mainly uses popular noodles, this noodle attracts countless stars. An Yixuan, Liu Jialing, Fang Wenshan, Jia Jingwen, Tao Wei, etc. have come to check in. In Shanghai, Jin Ya Ju can be said to be the longest line in the queue. One of the stores, it makes the noodles become a fashionable thing to pay for even the big stars. Jin Ya Ju combines high-end ingredients from all over the world with the most unpretentious noodles, and transforms the noodles into a tidal thing. The natural ingredients are made from the soup base, the creative noodles, and it makes you can't stop eating. The side dishes and super-various drinks, etc., can capture your taste buds for every food! A stinky tofu to Hong Kong-style chicken soup, old-fashioned sauerkraut to snow crab, black truffle to Boston lobster, Jin Ya Ju a bowl of noodles, you can taste more than delicious, but also a golden experience. Jin Ya Ju's requirements for food can be said to be extreme. The bottom soup of spicy stinky tofu beef noodles is made by using dozens of kilograms of beef bones plus burdock heart and other dozens of Chinese herbal for 5 hours. Spicy and refreshing, the fragrance is tangy. Huadiao chicken noodle soup is cooked with the old hen for more than 3 hours, and then mixed with Chinese herbal. The master has to keep rolling to ensure that the soup is delicious, fresh and rich, nourishing and healthy, very popular with consumers.Although Jin Ya Ju is famous for its face, the drinks and small dishes in the store are not to be underestimated. In particular, the chickens with soy sauce are high vocality are carefully selected from the three yellow chickens under 1.5 kg. The recipe is made by Ren Jinju. The research and development general manager of the Michelin two-star chef Liang Huasheng developed, the taste does not need a majority, every day selling out of stock is the best proof.


Shop 118, L1, Peak Galleria

Opening hours

12:00 - 20:00 (Mon - Sun)


2880 5299


Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken Noodle Soup

JinYaJu Noodle

JinYaJu Noodle

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